Image Analogy Bot

Image Analogy Bot (embedded left) is a pseudo-autonomous twitterbot that I created in early April of 2016.  This bot first selects two images at random from Twitter's public tweet stream, I then review the images and see if they are acceptable (hence the psuedo-autonomy), and then an image analogy script is run on the images.  The script was written by Adam Wentz and is located here.  The result of the script is tweeted as well as the two images used to make it.  Basically, the second image is drawn using elements of the first.  This is a very computationally intensive process and so the bot tweets very sporadically, once every 9 to 14 hours.  Much more visually coherent images can be made using non-random, intentional source images and settings, but the random selection of this bot often creates interesting and unforeseen combinations that an individual artist would not have access to nor even consider!  Some selections from Image Analogy Bot are located below.